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15-06-2002, 00:01
Definitely, Morgana....

I remember the first cane I bought and the first strap......It was a huge turn on just looking at them.....:rolleyes:

The next stage was practising on that naughty brat that lived down the road (a.k.a. a cushion) ......
....It was exciting stuff.

Seriously though it is strange that just looking at a strap or a cane can have that sort of effect!!


15-06-2002, 00:04
Strangely enough, sites like this have taken a lot of the desperation out of the frustration caused by a mostly inactive spanko life. Nonetheless, I have resorted to the slipper once or twice in total desperation. It is a very poor substitute.

As for caning the cushion, I suspect I would leave a mark on it somewhere that would have my lady very curious indeed ;)

Let's hope that at least some of the people here are going to enjoy making friendships that will remove the need for visits to the spanko self-service counter (or don't you have to bother counting when it is self-administered!:stoned:

Warm good wishes, fellow pervs.

Markham :bouncygre :cool2: :rolleyes:

15-06-2002, 00:17
Hey...that was really nicely put Markham

Lets hope a lot of people find what they are looking for!


15-06-2002, 00:41
As a youngster, I used to have cuddly toy, an odd chimpanzee about two foot high with a plastic face... quite a horrid thing, looking back.

I must admit that it was on the receiving end of a few of my formative experiences!!!

A whole new angle on spanking the monkey I suppose!!!!

Yet to cane a cushion though - can't really see the point now.:)

15-06-2002, 04:53
Tried self spanking a few years ago, used a belt. Realy doesn't work which proves for me it is not the pain but the sexual tension which is important.

15-06-2002, 08:37
Well Morgana

When I first read your new posting I thought I could never answer that in a million years but after reading Markham's reply, I thought how true his comments were and I am not talking about the cushion!

In pure and utter desperation I would use a leather sandal, garden cane and on the odd occasion while sun bathing in the garden, go and cut a thin switch. Would then spend a fair amount of time trimming it down, stripping off the outer bit to leave a very, very whippy switch. Before using it I would just leave it on the grass, laying there looking at it and fantasising about somebody actually using it on me.

Well, obviously at that time there was no nobody else to thrash me..............so it was a question of DIY............:rofl

At the time, yes it did do something for me........:blush although at the same time left me feeling exceedingly frustrated. Afterwards the terrible feelings of guilt, shame and just wondering how very, very odd I was compared to everybody else.

Which is why I think sites like this are excellent, and hopefully young people that are inclined to 'spanking', can find others to share it with, instead of being a closet spanker/spankee (have you ever tried spanking in a closet, not easy) :D

15-06-2002, 11:48
Ok, yes morgana, I have used the hairbrush in the past :o

Though as missB said it can be quite frustrating :( I think it makes you just want the real thing more :cry

15-06-2002, 12:18

I cannot believe I replied.................:blush :blush :blush :blush :blush :blush

In fact, I almost deleted it all.....then I thought it is only how I have really felt and it might well make others feel better about it all?



15-06-2002, 14:10
Congrats MissB for being so open! It seems morgana has uncovered a nation of self-spankers. I'm not telling you which way I voted...

Is the LFF tomorrow? I might actually go for a change.

15-06-2002, 14:43
Well, I must admit even as a Dom I have tried out new bits of equipement on myself just to get a feel for how they feel.

15-06-2002, 14:58
Sunday 7 July is next date. I thought you would know these things Darcey.........font of all kinky knowledge etc!!!!:stoned:

Cmon Durcet, that is just an excuse to spank yourself!!!:whip



15-06-2002, 15:07
I suppose I was never going to get away with that one, :(

15-06-2002, 15:16
I have to say, in all honesty, that I am astonished that any lady wants for a willing hand to minister to her needs in this area, even allowing for the very clear need for great care, patience and trust in forming that type of relationship.

Since the ratio of ladies to gents who feel the need is alleged to be in the region of 1:100, it comes as no surprise to me to be way back down a long queue of men and to have to resort to commercial arrangements. Good though these are ... and more satisfying by far than self-spanking .. they are no substitute for that willingness and desire to spank or to be spanked.

I hope all you ladies who so desire will find your deepest longings in the scene very satisfyingly fulfilled, in total safety and comfort in all but your lovely derrières. It would be such a credit to this growing community if a system could be devised to protect the safety of all people who choose to participate in such play, by suggesting a framework of basic safety rules and by providing volunteers to take 'safe' calls once the parties have gone their separate ways.

On a totally different tack and maybe the subject of a separate thread one day, where do people meet who are unable to meet on their own premises ?? Were I a wealthy person, I would so love to be able to provide a 'safe house' where people could meet to play, possibly for no more than a token contribution to the upkeep and furnishings of the premises.

Kind wishes

Markham :)

16-06-2002, 18:17
Hi morgana
I always self spank as I have no one to spank me but I do it to instructions from another person on yahoo messenger or some other messenger it is usually typed instructions and sometimes voice will be used but the reason for yahoo is mainly to be spanked on cam I have some interesting implements I was spanked this way last night I have posted the pic so you can take a look its in pics forum but I do switch this way so any naughty girls can be spanked by me as well as me getting a spanking thanks for putting a post like this someone was asking in chat the other night Take Care see you in chat again soon:D :D :) :)

16-06-2002, 19:08
spanked myself wnen much younger used a slipper asd later tried a cane and small strap but never seemed to perfect the art so gave up and found some-one else to to it wether it was a girlfriend wife or pseudo auntie. this was by far the best course of action and have since met some realy great aunts

16-06-2002, 20:59
I went through a phase of doing it all the time, used an old plimsole, belt (yeah, I agree doesn't work) Wooden spoon (not bad) even cut strips of electrical flex for a whip kind of implement and even a flexi arial from an old walky talky that wasn't bad, but I think everyone will agree. "YOU JUST CAN'T GET THE SWING". so the effect is lost really.

16-06-2002, 22:37
Hi morgana
yes i self spank, use a long handled cloths brush. But i miss the build up and all that goes with it:blush

17-06-2002, 03:28
I self spanked from an early age with various implements including a garden cane which was ineffective due to lack of swing.Trouble was I got caught by my sister who peeped through the bathroom keyhole and informed my mum.I put it down to first time experimentation (blatant lie).Then when I was 19 and only a couple of months into a relationship with my 17 year old future wife we were getting down to it in a field (as you do at that age)when she spotted marks on me.It was extremely embarrassing having to explain how they had got there,I mean I thought I was the only one on the planet who would do such a thing!Little did I know!

17-06-2002, 05:34
Many years ago i worked in one of the many pubs in my area and 1 day came accross a couple of pool table brushes and would fantasise about the landlord using it on me.......... but he never did:(

When i left 1 of the brushes somehow found it's way in2 my bag!!!

Then had many a fun time with with it :D :D

As others have said the lack of swing was the main let down but it did give me a taster of the real thing.

I managed 2 get 1 x-partner 2 use it on me.....but because i had turned red after 3 whackes he stoped!!!!!!! He wouldn't do it again

Thank God i can get the real thing now!!!!!!!

:D :D :D

17-06-2002, 10:10
Yes Morgana, I have self spanked; better that than to take too many chances! I have a long handled wooden bath brush but have to say taht I am pretty kind and gentle to myself! Tried a belt but couldn't get the swing!

Markham - wish you were rich! However, the News of the World would probobly discover your safe house and then you'd be all over the news papers!:stoned:

17-06-2002, 12:00
Well, Jolie, if it did end up splashed across the papers, it would save a lot on advertising ;)

It really is awful that a girl like Jolie should ever even have to think about self-spanking ..... in fact, it ought to be a spankable offence to do just that!

Suggestions for suitable penalties to be engraved on the back of a paddle, please .... or embossed upon the front !

Kind wishes


Speaking of paddles...... meet Madame Velours, one of the first three items in the toybox....

17-06-2002, 12:05
.. and Madame Velours' assistant customer service agents....

17-06-2002, 12:06
.. and the non-GM .....

17-06-2002, 12:31
First of all I'd like to say a big hello to everyone on this site. This is my first post!

It's been great to meet the people in the chat rooms. Everyone's been really friendly and the humour on the boards in terrific.

Congratulations to Morgana for this question - I think it's very important to get these things out in the open. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the majority of us have at some time tried self spanking. I venture to suggest that it's only natural to experiment in this way. How else would one find out that one actually enjoyed the sensation of pain unless one had experienced from a third party. Less and less likely in these politically correct days.

Anyway for the record I certainly tried it and of course it's no substitute for the real thing - but it's nothing to be ashamed of. Aren't there enough misconceptions from the general public about spanking etc without "us" worrying about it for ourselves?

19-06-2002, 15:25
Hello Jasper and welcome

And as to the question. The poll gave me difficulty in finding a way to answer; when I was young (OK, some people might not consider that to have changed yet :D ) I fantasized about spanking girls or watching them get spanked, but to 'practise' these fantasies would spank myself. I think it was partly the interest in how it would feel, and partially the fact I may have some slight switch tendencies. I just wonder how many other 'doms' have actually tried self-spanking.

Probably never live this down now, but still, honesty is the best policy :blush :wink

19-06-2002, 19:22
Hi all,

This is my first posting, have to say I am little nervous about being so open on this subject, but what the heck.

I have self spanked, as others have said at first its a way of exploring the whole spanking fantasy. I found I don't enjoy the pain so much as the whole spanking experience so if there is no other party it dosn't really work for me.

Having said that I have spanked myself at the direction of a domme whilst using pm in a chat room and that was kind of fun, but there was still a little something lacking.

I always felt ashamed after and wierd, glad to know i'm not the only one.


20-06-2002, 00:10
Hi Jasper and Kanu-u

This is why this site is so good. I have already posted my feelings and thoughts on the subject earlier on but it is still good to hear how many others have 'attempted' to spank themselves.(I even dislike having to type the words)

Time and time again, the same words appear "I always felt ashamed after and weird, glad to know i'm not the only one".

I hope everybody that has made these comments has now been spanked properly................:kissmy :whip :whip :whip

MissBehave ;)

20-06-2002, 02:47
I tried that once but heh? It hurts,especially when the parrot kept count,I put myself in the corner and read the bible ,feeling guilt and looking for salvation and LO I found it, "Tis much better o give than to revieve", I reckon old J.C. knew what he was talkin about. But I would think that everyone in the scene has tried it at least once but it is hard,scolding yourself when you all ready are any way,preparing yourself etc. There is no 'mood', no scenario or feel to it (for me). It is good experimentation but come on people, we all know it lacks the significant other either doing or telling.
A few years ago when the need god bad (for spankees) they could always nip across to The Isle of Man and do some inept shoplifting. But even they have given up the Birch,the jails couldnt hold the giggling nervous mars bar nickers I suppose.
As some earlier said, may we all get what we wish for,or give what we wish for everyone else, in a skirt.

20-06-2002, 08:52
I have certainly never selfspanked - the idea of a spanker self spanking is a contradiction I think and I've never had any interest in switching - just not in my make up I suppose. I know I know, I'm a one trick pony - but it is a very good trick!

But I certainly practised my caning technique on a cushion before using it for the first time in reality. The cane is such a potentially damaging instrument that it is essential (in my opinion and after years of experience) that the caner should have a good idea of what he is doing in terms of the force and accuracy of the cane strokes. In the right hands, of course, the cane is the most subtle punishment instrument of all being able to cover the whole range from intense eroticism to severe punishment.

I think I will start a new thread on that very topic.

20-06-2002, 11:11
Geez Aim you may be a man of few words but when you get going......heh heh

Good points though.......and yes im sure it has to do with yer age :D

OOps.......that was off topic too...........ah what the hell....what are ya gonna do? Spank me? heh heh

( dont answer that Aim!)

20-06-2002, 17:45
I couldn't believe what I saw when I read MissBehave's reply, I could have written exactly the same thing myself. Unbelievable that other people should feel and act the same - especially when, as MissB says, you wonder what is wrong with you, you can't believe others do the same.

Same actions, same emotions.

Congrats for writing your answer MissB, I couldn't have put it better myself.

Since meeting my partner though, I haven't had to resort to self-spanking for quite a while. :)

20-06-2002, 18:26
I think your partner should,he should make you spank yourself while watching Markhams clips,that would teach you the nature of your position, you gumptious little feist as Gregory Peck once said before thrashing Maureen O'Hara.;)

22-06-2002, 23:02

..........................Since meeting my partner though, I haven't had to resort to self-spanking for quite a while.

Hi FeistyGirl

So pleased you agreed with my comments.

The other strange thing is that since I have known my present boyfriend...............I certainly do not resort to self-spanking nor do I have to fantasise anymore...................because it all happens exactly as I have always wanted it to.

Hey, this spanking sure is good for the soul............ :cool2:


23-06-2002, 03:11
Hi Everybody
well I was dragged out of chat tonight by Bianca because I was having a good time and did not want to go for my spanking but I might have made things worse in a room full of people I Dared her to spank me in the room she gave me a few slaps then after a few more no's and an audience watching us she dragged me out the chat room and took me on yahoo where she throughly spanked me on the cam I was then ordered to take a pic with the cam and to post on these boards see what you think and leave your comments she used a few implements this time and made cry early way before the cane :( :whip :whip :whip :whip :wink but well :whogives she can :kissmy

Master Pan
23-06-2002, 11:15
I recall spanking my teddy bear when I was very young. <g>

Since then I have only practiced using impliments that I felt needed control. I agree with the posting on canes, you need to be certain that you are going to give the stroke where you intend to. Practice should mean never having to say you're sorry.

(Not that Doms tend to say that often anyway LOL)

I own a really good singletail, but couldn't use it yet. However,.. practice makes perfect, and one day !!

I know exactly what aimtoplease felt. I have to say though that now I (like him) have accepted what makes me "me" I quite like the fact that we are somehow "outsiders". It makes me feel special. I would not particularly welcome this becoming too mainstream.

Don't you think the fact that is IS difficult and a bit secretive adds to the whole thing?

02-07-2002, 14:18

Yes ... I have tried self-spanking ...

... one distinct recollection is of being on holiday somewhere in Cornwall and going out for a walk on my own one evening ... I found myself on a path through some bushes on a headland and decided to drop my trousers and pants and smack by backside ... sadly. it didn't do anything much for me and I wonder to this day what I was feeling to make me want to do that ...

What is really missing is the element of uncertainty and "giving" ...

... when self-spanking, you know exactly when, where and how hard it is gonna be ...

... I am always excited that I can like someone enough to let them spank me and that they like me enough to do it ... the trust and intimacy is quite powerful ...

... sometimes, when I have acquired a new implement, I haven't been able to wait for someone to call round ... I have to give it a try ... :-) ... why aren't our bodies designed so that we can make marks going in the right direction so that they at least look as if someone else did it? ... :cry

... anyone got a good design for a spanking machine?

Does it surprise anyone (having seen my posts) that I did make a very simple self spanking device once? ... that was really a rhetorical question ... :) ...

... you had to be careful withit though, because it was naturally, being a machine, very accurate ... and, if you didn't take care to adjust the aim slightly before each stroke, it would unconcernedly lay stroke after stroke exactly on the same spot time after time after time! I got some very impressive cane stripes that way!!! They took days to fade ...

Take care


02-07-2002, 18:59
I have to admit that I have. I've never felt particularly embarrassed about it (maybe because I started very young after reading about spankings in books and thinking, "I wonder what that feels like") but I do feel a bit silly, and I do make sure the neighbours are out first :D Besides, it just can't compare to the real thing, so most of the time I don't think there's much point. And it's not that hard (for me as a girl) to get a real spanking nowadays.


02-07-2002, 20:08
Self -spanking - no not as such, not suprising as I'm a Dom I suppose.

Yes I've tried practice on cushions, pillows etc etc - but as so many others have been so honest, I will as well.

I first used a crop on a girl when I was 18 - I knew this was going to take place, but never having used one before really wanted to know something of how much it hurt; hence I gave myself the best couple of strokes I could manage (impossible angle!).

Satisfied that it BL**DY HURT, I once again left the ranks of self spanker never to return;) However I must admit that I found the ensuing hard dose of the crop that I gave the young lady even more satifying than I'd imagined, having the briefest idea of what she was feeling.


02-07-2002, 20:16
yes self spanked out of pure desperation but find it so frustrating can't get the swing right chicken out before it gets too hard also the anticpition is missing not knowing when and how hard . When my present spanker said he was going to use the wooden spoon I tried it out at home first to prepare me see I was a goos girl guide it didn't work he was much harder and quicker and I was unprepared

Over Your Knee
26-09-2004, 21:17
I voted yes and was happy to see about 85% yes! This sit is great, I seem less and less like a weirdo everyday!

I can successfully use a slipper, wooden spoon and belt on myself. I usually just do it so I have photos of my red ass to share with people.