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11-10-2008, 20:56
Had a friend on here some time back but after corresponding for a while we have gone our separate ways. I wrote some stories for her so thought I might share them. Her name is changed of course. Enjoy

Since Sally had agreed her mind had been in turmoil. She couldn't concentrate on day to day things. Now in her bed she rubbed her fingers a little harder as she thought about the details of what was to happen. Her orgasm made her shudder as each had done during the recent evenings. She felt excited. It was true that in odd moments she had been apprehensive; what would happen if she couldn't take it and had to use her safe word. Would she regret forever that moment of weakness? Would he feel let down at such a whimp? But each time she had doubts she ran through the agreed scenario in her mind. It might really hurt but she would get through it. Get thru' it!! - she knew deep down that not only did she want the experience but that she needed it – she would get through it. But at other times she was bold. She told herself that she didn't need a safe word, although again deep down she knew that it was sensible. This after all would be real and not a dreamt fantasy. The cane would ... well she could only relate to past experiences, experiences she had enjoyed very much, but this she knew would be different.
She had been a little bold when they chose the implements. Demanding the 3 tailed tawse when he had suggested that it may be sterner than she thought. But she had imagined it slapping into the shape of her curves. That delicious burning stinging sensation – times 3; then the heat. He had chosen the plastic covered cane. A meter long, thin and whipy. She had chosen the paddle; not too large but perfect for warming up each cheek in turn. They had discussed the dressage whip but both had agreed something had to be left for another time.
Now she had never considered the location. When he had suggested using a dungeon of a professional dominatrix she had been a little surprised. But of course it would be perfect. All that exciting equipment including that padded caning bench she had seen in the fotos on the internet; that more than anything had excited her. She had looked long and hard at the wrist and ankle restraints, the profile of the smooth surface, and imagined herself in position waiting.
The dungeon would be a neutral and safe environment. And Mistress Cruela would be in the building. Yes it was perfect and the more she thought about it the more it added to her excitement and expectation. It had crossed her mind that he might suggest that Mistress Cruela took part but she wanted this to be one on one, more intimate as it always was in her fantasies. In reality it had crossed her mind and not his. She noted this thought for some other time
When it came to the day, after doing what needed to be done in the house in a kind of a daze and rather hurriedly she went to get ready. After her shower she laid out her underwear and other clothes. First a g-string that was to give her some dignity when he bared her rear. She had chosen tight fitting panties that covered each cheek completely. In reality they would offer little if any practical protection from the paddle and tawse but they were she thought if nothing else a psychological barrier. The suspenders, stockings and bra, all in black, completed the underwear.
The skirt and sweater she had chosen as they were familiar, comfortable and easy to remove. She didn't want trembling hands when he told her to prepare herself and strip down to her underwear. She was after all determined to submit to his ways with confidence and composure, or so she very much hoped.
They had agreed that he would be the master and she the sub for this first session. Although they had communicated often via the web and met the once for a meal they had both felt a switched session would be difficult to manage.
Her friend drove her to the station. They spoke of tittle tattle but Jenny found even that difficult with regard to conscentration. She was excited that her friend knew nothing of what she was to embark and she felt sexy in suspenders and stockings.
to be continued

11-10-2008, 21:03
The train took forty minutes. She tried to read the paper and keep her mind off what was about to happen but within each article she could find some mental link. She fidgeted in her seat suddenly looking up to check no one was knowingly looking at her. Of course they wern't.
They had agreed to meet and go straight into the session. The role would begin immediately. Basically she was to be punished, tormented and teased for her bad behaviour in the past. For an hour she would submit willingly to his desires. It was the total submission that was the punishment.
She knew the details of the physical punishment with regard to the implements they had acquired for her rear but nothing of the torment and teasing. She had seen the cross to which she would be tied but did not know what sensations her body would experience while there. She of course would be tied to the canning bench. Sally had fantasised about being tied to the bed but the minute she had seen that bench she knew it was perfect. She would be helpless with her rear perfectly positioned for her tormentor.
Her buttocks would first be paddled both knickered and bare until he was happy with the shade of pink. While a hand spanking was not guaranteed he would probably drop in the odd slap between strokes and caresses. Then the tawse would step up the anti. She expected a dozen slaps on the bare but there might be others with the laughable protection of her knickers. And finally six of the best. Six well spaced stingers to give her time to appreciate the full effect of each.
Her g-string would remain in place throughout and sex was not on the menu. However she could masterbate if she wished. She had always dreamt of having an orgasm while being caned – perhaps who knows. But now it was almost time she thought not.
And so they met, kisses on the cheek, and then they walked the short distance to the house. It was as had been stated on the web site; discreet. They met Mistress Cruela who appeared most welcoming and far from a cruel mistress. Once the shower and wash room facilities were identified they found themselves alone in the dungeon. Her eyes opened wide at the scene. On the wall the widest range of staps, whips and canes she had ever seen. The cross, the canning bench, the big old table, .... He snapped her back to the task. “Prepare yourself” he said firmly but not with any agression. “ Strip to your underwear and then sit there”. He pointed to a padded chair that sat isolated away from the wall. He took the implements from a green hold all bag while she removed her shoes, sweater and skirt. She folded each and left them to one side. She checked her knickers covered her rear as she sat on the chair. She suddenly felt very vulnerable and a little shy, but very excited.
“OK lets begin. Remember for one hour you do everything you are asked without question.”. She nodded. He walked behind her. “You are here to receive twelve with the tawse and six of the best for your sins. Six of the best you will not forget for a long time.” “Now before then I am going to warm you up like you have never been warmed up before. You may enjoy some of it but be assured all is for my enjoyment.”. “I'm going to blind fold you now and then we can begin.”
With that the simple blindfold was put over here eyes and she entered a world of darkness. The object was to heighten her other senses, particularly that of touch, and to add a surprise element – and it certainly did that.
He asked her to stand up and as she did so she could feel his eyes analysing her body. He led her across the room. His touch was soft and gentle. It reassured her. He then took each arm in turn and she felt her wrists clasped by leather. She knew he was attaching her to the cross. He now spread her legs and attached her ankles in equal manner. She had her back to the room. He said nothing further and she sensed him move away. Despite her underwear she had never, even totally naked, felt so exposed. She waited patiently and expectantly.
Sally was thinking the room was warm when she felt what seemed like hair cascading over her back. She knew it was one of those horse hair whips. She had seen some in a rack near the door. to be continued

11-10-2008, 21:08
The hairs tumbled over her body. Soon gentle flicks led to the hairs rapping around her thighs and body. The sensation felt good. Her body tingled. When he withdrew it she wondered upon what part of her body it would return. Before long it became like a gentle whip and her body responded. She found herself issuing gentle “mmmmmm”s and pushing her body outward to invite more attention. She felt better now it had started. He flicked it over her buttocks harder than elsewhere but with knickers intact it felt gentle – more caressing than whipping. The hairs wrapped round her body under her arms. As her nipples hardened she wished she was braless. Should she ask him. She thought better of it as she didn't know what was to come. She just enjoyed the action. Now the whip worked its way down and between her legs. She felt it gentle carress her thighs and then her groin. She felt guilty that she was making her desire for more so obvious. It then stopped. Her back and thighs tingled.
At first she didn't know what it was as the little leather knots tickled her back. But as before the tickling gradually became a firmer sensation. The knotted cat o nine tails was more telling. It was heavier and he applied more force to rap it around her thighs and body. He returned to the tickling contact and then to firmer flicks. She couldn't say there was any pain involved. She was simply melting away as the steady rhythm waved between the slightest touch and the almost stinging of a whip.
Gradually the whip paid more attention to her buttocks and she wondered if it would pass between her legs as before? She didn't have to wait for long and the whip flicked first at her inner thighs and then her groin. It was very gentle but her sex felt so vulnerable. She sort of wanted it harder but was equally trembling with fear. The whip moved back to her buttocks and then stopped.
She took a deep breath.
He now released her and took her to the table. “I hope you didn't enjoy that too much?”. She smiled. “Well we will have to see what we can do.”. “Remove your bra please and then bend over the table as you have been instructed. She did as she had been told. Her bra removed she raised her arms vertical and then bent over slowly lowering herself onto the table. There was a cushion positioned under her stomach. However her breasts met the coldness of the table and she trembled a little as she settled into the prone position experienced by so many wayward young ladies before her. So the serious part was to begin.
The paddle gently slapped each of her knickered buttocks in turn. The weight gradually increased until the warming sensation was accompanied by a bit of sting and slight burning. He now stopped to squeeze and stroke before resuming each time more firmly. She was increasing in confidence now Everything had progressed smoothly from mild to less mild. She was enjoying the paddle and she was aware of a slight tingle between her legs.
He put two fingers inside the lower knicker band and pushed them up to reveal her bare and slightly pink buttocks. Her knickers pushed up into her grotch intensifying the sensations there.
The paddle now bit a little more but still she soaked up the sensations. Alternating slaps and caresses.
To be continued

11-10-2008, 21:17
When he stopped she felt the finger nails of his right hand run down her back and onto her warm buttocks. It was an odd sensation that didn't detract from the growing sensation between her legs.
“ Will take a break before the tawse young lady” She reluctantly stood up and removed the blind fold when told. He passed her her bath robe as she pulled her knickers back into place. He asked her how it was so far as they sat and enjoyed a glass of wine. “Well now the stakes increase I am afraid to say. It cannot all be fun” “I'm sorry to say that it is time for you to learn your lesson” he said smiling.
Sally was given the choice of either taking the tawse bent over the back of the chair or over the caning bench. She voted for the canning bench without further thought. She downed the last of her wine, removed her robe with she thought later too much haste, and couldn't wait to be in position.
It struck her, as he fastened her wrists and ankles, that her overkeeness might have consequences but c'est la vie. She was enjoying this more than she had hoped. He fastened a strap around her waist and she felt helpless.
Her new found confidence was about to be questioned. He had teased her with the tawse running it all over her but then it landed squarely across both cheeks. She drew in breath. The initial sting was intense, then the burning sensation spread over already reddened buttocks and the glow quickly dissipated the initial shock and pain. More stroking and those nails rippling over her skin and she found herself raising her hips inviting the next one.
After six she was hardened to the sting. He hadn't increased the strength and she found with a little gripping of the bench and exhale of breath she could enjoy the sensation. She hoped it would get heavier. She did want to feel real sting and have her limits pushed a little. As she thought this his fingers entered the wasteband of her knickers and he slowly exposed her bare buttocks once more. Her thoughts of wanting more were somewhat lessened.
Now although Sally hadn't rated the protection of her knickers before she missed them like crazy now. How much more would it sting? Would he do it harder? She waited and of course he teased making her wait. “So 12 for you lady” Twelve suddenly seemed a large number. She gripped the bench firmer and as she did so her sex squeezed into the bench.
The first one landed squarely across the centre and she heard herself squeal a little. The warmth now was intense. If she was honest it was not anything like unbearable. She was a woman and not a school girl. She told herself that the first one had been down to shock and now she would brazen the next 11 and enjoy the sensations. She thrusted her arse bravely skywards.
After the first six she was in the swing and enjoying the sensations. She felt the dampness of her sex between her legs and this seemed to compensate for the intense sting at the moment of impact. It was the eighth one that was the first to be lined up against the lower softest part of her buttocks. And he hesitated to let her appreciate the fact. She braced herself. It stung like hell but she found it more stimulating than ever. The dampness increased between her legs; it must have been obvious to him, but she didn't care. She was somewhere else. He was going to ask her if she wanted the final three in a group but could see she was in another world. So in a group they came. About 5 seconds apart. The heat, sting, pain were intense. She gasped three times. But afterwards she felt redhot, stung but very sexy and proud of herself. He caressed her.
Then Jenny was re-awoken as she heard the cane swishing thru' the air. The intensity of the tawse had made her forget all about the cane. But that sound was unmistakable.
He gave her time and even offered her a sip of wine. She gulped leaving some to run down her chin. Prostrate on a caning bench is not the best place to drink wine. He asked her if she was ready and having cooled down a little, although her arse was still very red and sore she nodded and again mustered her courage to push her hips upward.
He teased her again but eventually each of the stingers landed. A fiery line, the intense sting, the burning. But she was able to take them knowing she was almost home.
It was more intense than she had experienced before but somehow after the last one landed she was sad. She didn't want it to stop. She wanted the sensations to go on and on.
He resolved her dilemma. "Sally your behaviour merits six more on the wet but if you like we can hold them over until next time”. They had discussed 'on the wet' before and how it would intensify the sting. But that didn't concern her now, she simply needed it not to stop. She blurted out “do it now” almost desperately. She really wanted more.

11-10-2008, 21:22
As he caresssed her bum he asked “Would you like to masterbate while being caned?” She nodded rapidly so as to leave no doubt. He untied her left hand and without instruction she thrust it under herself so her fingers could touch her 'ying' the 'yang' being her fiery sore bottom.
He loosened the waist restraint which gave her more freedom. As she gently rubbed and writhed her hips from side to side she suddenly felt the spray of water hit her right buttock. The cold water contrasted with her burning arse and she cooed at this new sensation. The water gathered and tumbled between her legs. She felt it run over her sex and she pushed harder with her fingers. Never had she experienced so many contrasting sensations in such a short time.
As he swished the cane two or three times her fingers had found their way into her heaven and she was again in another world. Whether Jenny heard his words or not is unclear but her writhing didn't change as he lined the cane up. The sting was the most intense yet but beyond a gasp for breath followed by a long deep moan she seemed unaware – all her sensations rolled into one. By the fifth one, not that she was counting, she was close to orgasm. As the sixth one streaked in low she gasped and exploded. The orgasmic waves vibrated thru' her body for a minute or more. After three minutes she lay there exhausted. She would have smiled if she had had the energy. What proportion of her satisfaction and happiness was down to her having taken it all, or the strength of her orgasm, or the physical sensations experienced by that now very red stripped arse of hers, who knows.
He applied ointment to the strips, told her how well she had done, released her and then left her to recover, shower and join him outside in a bar they had identified earlier. As she showered she wondered why she had bought spare knickers and she hoped he would be at the bar and not seated at a table. Sitting was not her desire just now.
Hope you liked it. Badly written I know. I think they get better. I'll post more tomorrow if any one wants a read:yo:

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13-10-2008, 09:51
Very well written, I'd say, and I'd love to read more - thanks.


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Sorry delayed by work. Glad you enjoyed. More soon.