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The Yorkshireman
02-09-2003, 10:39
I was interested to read the post by Dave, who would like to be strapped or caned by his wife. I was in a similar position some years ago, I had thought that my then partner was more into spanking than she actually was at the time. I had spanked her more than once, and knew that I wanted to feel the same but more than just a spanking I wanted her to cane me.

I actually bought a couple of school canes from a local shop, but waited for the time to ask her or indeed show them to her. When I did finally get round to telling her of my desire after a bit of Dutch courage the response was not what I wanted nor expected. She did however pick up one of the canes and swish it a few times but I could tell she was not in the mood I did try again a week or so later but again no offers.

It was about 2 months later when a came to stay with us for a couple of weeks, she had just separated from her husband and was feeling a bit lonely. It was after dinner one night and after a couple of bottles of wine that the conversation turned to school days and Margaret said that she would have liked to have been a teacher. When my wife asked her why she surprised us both by saying that she would have loved to cane naughty boys.

Maybe it was the wine, I don't know but Janet my partner just said well there is a naughty boy here who deserves a good caning, and whets more there are two canes in is wardrobe if you want to do the honours.

That moment was both embarrassing and yet exciting some further talk followed and then despite my attempt to avoid it the subject changed to something completely different.

It was only when we decided to retire to bed that Margaret said that she understood my desire and that if I wanted to be caned then she would be happy to cane me, but she also said something about doing it properly and that I should not expect to be able to sit down for a while.

I was clearly aroused and a fantastic night followed. It was my wife who said next morning that she did not mind if I wanted Margaret to cane me, and I asked her to raise the subject again over breakfast.

I recall that I purposely did something silly over breakfast, I was still in my pajamas and had a dressing gown with long sleeves on.
I managed to knock over the milk jug and there was milk everywhere. Janet pretended to be angry with me and said to Margaret that if I had bothered to get dressed then it would not have happened. I think she knew was coming because she said maybe we should do what we were talking about last night, any body who comes to breakfast still in his pajamas should be punished.

Janet looked at me and said I think you had better bring the canes-she means it. Although apprehensive I did not need telling twice and went to out bedroom, almost out of earshot I heard Janet say I hope you will lay it on he deserves it.

The next few moments changed my life for future. I brought both canes back and immediately Margaret stood up and took control of the situation.

Right my lad she said, maybe you won't be so clumsy in the future and she swished one of the thin canes a few times. Janet stood up and put her chair in the middle of the room saying "will this do?" Margaret said nicely thank you and then to me said take your dressing gown off. I did as she said and then she tapped the chair with the cane. Right I expect you know the procedure, bend over hands flat on the chair. I looked at Janet and she said "go on" do as she says you have asked for this, I hope its what you want.

I went to the chair and bent over as instructed. Janet came up and pulled my pajamas up so that they were tight around my back side. then she said right Margaret he's all yours.

How many do you think I should give him? Margaret said I think at least six of the best donít you. then I felt the cane tap my bottom a few times, I began to realise that this was not the first time Margaret has done this because she drew the cane back and let it fly. God did that cane hurt, but I knew I had to take it and I did but after 6 I jumped up rubbing like crazy. Both girls just broke into laughter and Janet said well is that what you wanted.

It certainly started something, I had it again a few times from Janet in the months that followed, and although she did not cane me as hard as Margaret I did manage to get it on the bare and the lead up time to a caning was almost better that the actual event.

Sadly we drifted apart some years ago, I did go to see Margaret again and although she did cane me again she re married and it was not quite the same.

Sorry for the length of this, I will post it as a story.

21-11-2003, 18:10
having recieved my ist a dt caning a couple of months ago- i can fully sympathise withthis story . i actually found the experience wonderfully liberating. the sting of it was more than compensated by the lovely , warm , feeling afterwards . the feeling of lying in front of your chastiser is one i can heartily recommend. i was fortunate to have as my mentor someone who knew what he was about. the strict tone of command -the firm hand warming me up before hand. and the " move along the bed please" just before he caned me all added up to a heavenly session. one i hope to repeat sometime soon.

15-09-2014, 09:49
Great story, I really enjoyed this one.