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  1. Naughty Wife to be caned. Hard.- No fees apply

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    I'm Sarah, in my forties (but told I look younger), happily married, good figure and living in Exeter, Devon.
    Size 12, auburn hair, green eyes.
    • My husband has told me to arrange a caning from a 3rd party for my continued insolence.
    • Bare bottom. Hard and prolonged, school style.
    • Over a sturdy table. No safeword.
    • We can accommodate.
    • Prefer a female, but will consider males.
    • Age or looks unimportant.
    • 100% genuine and discreet.
    • Nothing sexual allowed, please.
    • Husband will
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  2. We've Been and Gorn and Done it!

    [FONT=arial black][COLOR=#0000ff]Yesterday, Saturday 28th June 2014, was a momentous day for us. Iona and I were married at the Midland Railway Centre, Butterley, Derbyshire, and we hired "The Wedding Belle" train for the dinner afterwards. The weather was cool and cloudy, but at least we didn't get rained upon! It really was a wonderful day which we shall treasure forever. I've never made it a secret on here that I love Iona; well now I'm bursting with love for her. The staff at MRC ...
  3. Top Gear

    I think I have just about seen them all, ahhhhhh aren't partners great. They encourage us to watch things we would never think about Top Gear, which damn it I now actually enjoy, Rugby..........can take or leave it. I do make him suffer through all the crap I watch too. I won't even mention some of the trash on TV that interests me. So you might have an idea, I have watched Avatar around 25 times, The whole Twilight series a number of times, though I have only managed to make ...
  4. Some people need to get real

    I know I couldn't start a thread on this, I have been a bit frustrated reading personals lately. Especially the ones were people blame everything but themselves for their lack of success so far. And it doesn't even mean they are at fault, sometimes people just have to get real and realize that things happen in time. Not when we think it should or want it to or even with the person we want it to.
    I spent a number of years chatting before I found my partner. I didn't even think I would, it wasn't ...
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  5. A nation of victims .

    There is a "victim culture" in this country, although it is quite different from the "compensation culture".

    The victim culture encourages people to feel bad about themselves, their lives, their circumstances, their relatives, their friends, the past, the future - in fact, about anything at all.

    It is fed by other, ostensibly well-meaning individuals, often professional do-gooders, who see their own role in life as supporters of "poor victims". ...
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