Naughty Wife to be caned. Hard.- No fees apply

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I'm Sarah, in my forties (but told I look younger), happily married, good figure and living in Exeter, Devon.
Size 12, auburn hair, green eyes.
  • My husband has told me to arrange a caning from a 3rd party for my continued insolence.
  • Bare bottom. Hard and prolonged, school style.
  • Over a sturdy table. No safeword.
  • We can accommodate.
  • Prefer a female, but will consider males.
  • Age or looks unimportant.
  • 100% genuine and discreet.
  • Nothing sexual allowed, please.
  • Husband will chaperone but play no part.
  • I will dress as I am told.
  • Can supply references.

I am 100% genuine and totally discreet - I expect the same fro ll who reply.
Phone check will apply very early in any discussions.
email fspankee4f (at) aol (dot) com with your details and preferably a picture. Mine by return. All responses answered.
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  1. chrisspanker's Avatar
    Dear Sarah

    We did discuss sometime ago a meeting for a similar session, alas we never got the
    Opportunity to do so, however I am now located in Devon and hope we can relook at the chance of
    The chance to meet this time.


  2. Mexicomike's Avatar
    It seems the promise of a response to all emails is not working?
    No reply to my email -
  3. 000Naughtyboy's Avatar
    Wish you lived near Chester....I'd love to oblige!
  4. fSpankee4F's Avatar
    I have had a number of replies, but they are all pretty mcuh one-liners. I'm looking for more detail here please... that's how I decide who to ultimately meet. And very few are sending pics. Sigh...
  5. FirmlyYours's Avatar
    I've just read your blog and are very interested . I shall email you and provide all ther details you require - and photo. FitmlyYours - a male although you have a preference for a female - but let's see. Pheon999@yahoo.com
  6. Proverbs61's Avatar
    Sarah, I saw your blog late. Male 76 in North Hants, married wife sadly not into co, my interest from school canings received and given so still my favoured implement. So your proposal interests me greatly!. I am somewhat restricted in my meeting/spanking opportunities but Exeter is just the end of the line from here, so cant see distance as a problem. I have sent a photo to your email but will send again if you did not receive it...very happy to communicate further as and when.
  7. Mrcanesevere's Avatar
    I think it is good your husband has such good taste, wanting you to be expertly caned
    I specialize in CP and would only be to happy to indulge in your fantasy"s
    All I Ask, you have a clear mind and a firm focus ?
  8. botspanks's Avatar
    Perhaps a spanking will suffice.
  9. Stinger_uk's Avatar
    I am an traditional disciplinarian, well experienced in punishing ladies (any age), using hand, paddle, strap and cane, applied strictly to the bare buttocks.
    I would be delighted to visit you in strictest confidence to administer discipline to the required level in the privacy of your own home or on neutral ground. It would be solely for spanking, etc, nothing else, unless you wish other aspects of your submission to be explored.
    Please let me know if you are interested, and any fantasies or roleplays you would like to experience.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,
  10. Paulus3k's Avatar
    Hello sarah,

    A quick introduction, My name is Paul, 61 year old experienced spanker, Headmaster at St. Stephanies school (Fet-life site)
    I have been in the spanking scene for about 8 years although been interested in spanking for as long as I can remember,
    I have been a daddy to one lady giving regular punishments,
    I have the usual spanking implements, slipper, paddles (leather and wooden), belt and of course 2 canes, one thin and the other quite thick,
    would you like a personal visit from me to administer a long hard punishment while your husband watches??

    I will send you an email with a couple of pictures of myself, I have a car and willing to travel,
    I can and will be discrete, I look forward to hearing from you in the near future, I will give you my mobile number when you reply so we
    or your husband can talk properly.

  11. Dr Cameron's Avatar
    hello sarah,
    male dom here 68 based north essex coast resort.Have had naughty wives and pupils etc visit me toi be severely caned...expert with cane 50 years 1st one to one at 17/catherine same age met night school.Her spellings in notes to me were often wrong and i had a red pen,would mark all errors with a cross from red pen.Each cross was to be a cane mark on her bare bottom.We did meet and i did spanl slipper cane her hard but only over her cl;othing ,she would not allow it on her bare bottom.me too much of a gentleman maybe.however i do know i got through to her and ashe went home with a very well punished bottom.I could feel the heat.
    never made same error again,have caned 100s naughty ladies at moonglow spanking club parties and starred in their videos/dvd's...also lots 1 to 1s with naughty ladies who dress the parts mainly schoolgirls/me dressed as very strict old fashioned headmaster...have lots impliments and costumes u may like to try on...has to be role playing,u can be naughty sexy wife and hubby has hired me to sort out your bad ways.
    we can do it at my home bungalow or i can travel on trains to u.do not mind husband watching me severely cane you on your bare bottom u NAUGHTY WIFE.......Dr Cameron / Disciplinairian.....hoping u will reply,please do .
  12. Sugna's Avatar
    Does nobody check dates on posts before they reply???
  13. supersub's Avatar
    Quote Sugna: Does nobody check dates on posts before they reply???
    Not when they are desperate !!
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