Whackings in Wellingborough

  1. Swipe
    Daytime detention sessions are available for naughty adult schoolboys (and girls) at my house in Wellingborough, Northants.
    There will be spelling tests, lines, corner time and traditional (stinging) whackings with the ruler, slipper and cane.
    Let's get to the bottom of your fantasy.

  2. edward Tranta
    edward Tranta
    A Daytime Detention! That sounds interesting I wonder if the Old Boys really means it. Then once you have had one Headmasters Caning what does another whacking matter?
  3. Swipe
    Ohhh, an extra whacking or two will add to the sting and discomfort of sitting down. But don't take my word for it, master Tranta; the best way to find out if any extra whackings matter or not would be to find out for yourself.

  4. edward Tranta
    edward Tranta
    I wonder is that a Suggestion or an Instruction?
  5. edward Tranta
    edward Tranta
    I do not like the idea of Spelling Tests I never was very good at Spelling. Still not very good at it today, I bet that will get me a taste of the Old Boys Cane!
  6. Swipe
    The reason why you don't like the tests is because you are not good at spelling.
    The reason why you are not good at spelling is because you have not been paying attention in class, and have been lazy and have not been studying.
    The tests will find you out and any laziness will be rewarded with a good whacking with the cane. . .
  7. edward Tranta
    edward Tranta
    I wonder if this will be a Second Whacking with the Cane as I presume anybody in A Detention Class will Automatically Qualify for 6 Of The Best off the Old Boy
  8. Swipe
    Boys who cannot spell "detention" will certainly earn themselves an extra six of the best.
  9. Burgundy
    Gosh you sound well strict. Better not be naughty round your end of the woods.
  10. edward Tranta
    edward Tranta
    No Burgundy he is just a bit touchy at times
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