Are Headmasters a dying race?

  1. Burgundy
    When I started out in this I said on a forum that I wanted to be birched in the Eton way. Just was fantasising. Then I got an email from an older man who said he would be delighted to do it to me.

    I didn't immediately respond but in the end I did because he sounded so articulate and nice. At the time I thought no way would I get spanked by a guy.

    In die course after some discussions he birched spanked and caned me on a number of occasions. He remains a friend but not well etc.

    So. How many serious old school headmaster types are there any more? I like to put by gown on and swish the canebut I am still only 55. I thi.nk you need a serious older man who will discipline you. It's not just about having a stripy bottom it's about the relationship between you.
  2. Mr Henry Quelch
    Mr Henry Quelch
    Yes I agree that the image of the Headmaster is that of an older man. Sub men who are looking for a school type role play often specify the age range of spanker they are seeking, and usually it is 60plus. I also think that as males become much older, many of us who may have been switches see our natural role as that of the dom spanker.
  3. skoolboy2uk
    I would have to agree with both of you. When first 'looking' for the "Headmaster type" I was in my early 20's and a college student.I was looking for those at least ten years my senior, as I could not relate to same age, or near same age givers.

    Now rather older I find that retired men in their 60's >> are what I need. I would also agree with you that there needs indeed to be a rapport between the two of you and an understanding ...often not discussed or spoken about in detail but inately tanspites as both find there way in this strange relationship of 'Boy to Sir'...

    Having said that there are a number of good Headmaster's around and I am one myself having crossed the line at 60 and now heading for 70. I have a study schoolroom for those under 60 that need the old days again.

    Regards to all... Peter
  4. Burgundy
    Thank you both. Interesting. Yes I agree with that. I think for me doing an ASB scene with a Headmaster needs to be done with full role play and with great formality. As I am straight it's not sexy but it needs to be a reenactment of that fantastical and fictional visit to the headmaster. Why it's so nice to do it in a study that get close to being like the headmasters study when I was at school at least in the sense of a proper desk and books.
  5. edward Tranta
    edward Tranta
    Yes the Role of the Headmaster does in my opinion need to be taken by an older man. A man who has either been in the role or has been on the receiving end. The formality of the wait outside the Study not too long but long enough to allow the nerves to set in. The Headmasters lecture, pitched at just the right tone. Then of course the solemnity of the pronouncement of the Punishment as well as of course the Administration of The Punishment.

    Perhaps we need a Headmaster to have a School Day
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