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    Wink Spanked by Wife

    I thought i would share with those who are interested the relationship i have with my wife and how it eveolved.
    We have been married for ages and it does not need explaining but gradually we moved to a more sexually sub/domme relationship.
    not for us the 24/7, which is not practical, but one where we both gained.
    For years i have x dressed and she has administered a spanking when she came home from a night out but i offered to change that, in stages, and now we do this more often.
    i take total control of all chores in the house and looking after her needs.
    In return i can dress up when i want and get thrashed regular by her.
    WEe did this for a few weeks at a time but since the start of this year there has been no limit other than when we get fed up.
    The tale below is what happened a few weeks ago.
    My wife had complained that i was not working as hard as i should and she felt i was becoming bored with things. The work was still done but not with the same commitment.
    I thought on it then left her a letter outlining my wishes to remain as her house slave. I did confess that when she has kept me from any sexual relief for long periods i have been more effective in the house and also that i felt i required more severe thrashings from her. I also asked her to show me who was in charge and to punish any attitude or lazy behaviour when it occurred by either slippering the inside of my legs or my balls.
    The message read by her one morning in bed and turning to me put her hands on my balls and asked me if i really wanted what i had written which with a very stiff erection i smiled and said yes.
    Well we shall give you it then. So saying and with her hands on my balls and cock i was guided to her pussy and told to lick her which i did.
    After she had come i expected to make love but she stood up and walked round to get a slipper and pull a pair of panties out for me. Put these on i was told and with these on was told to get laid on the bed legs apart.
    She was a scary sight standing there with the slipper in her hand obviously about to use it.
    She spoike to me telling me that things would change and as of now i was to remain without sexual pleasures for at least a mont5h and she would see if i was more effective as a result. if i failed to live up to what i promised then she would stop our games.
    Now legs apart and she took position and slippered my balls 5 times each being agony for me.
    That weekend i was kept up to my work in the house and told to do things against being asked and was told to be in from work early on Monday.
    In the event i took the day off and dressed up spent the day doing chores and had the house really nice for her.
    She took one look at me when she came in and sniggered at me and said "Right get upstairs and get ready for me"
    I new what to do and when she came up some 10 mins later the canes and crop with a brush were laid out.
    "Well what are you waiting for bend over"
    I was then left skirt raised and panties lowered, bent over while she told me how she intended to give me a month of her time and to knock me into shape.
    "You want thrashed properly boy thenhere is the starter"
    At that i received 12 strokes with the lighter cane which made me jump a bit. the crop was next and 12 strokes of that were difficult.
    I always fear the senior cane and she landed 12 strokes of that and had me jumping about with each stroke. i have to be gagged and it is just as well.
    Stand up she told me and she asked if that felt hard enough which i mumbled yes to.
    Right get out of your poofy clothing for me now strip
    I was then left naked and told to "get back over"
    "I can thrash you as hard and as often as you want but you do the work" she said and then gave me 12 more strokes with the senior cane which had me almost in tears.
    "Now get over the bed and wait there"
    She left and returned a few minutes later and turned the television up and at the same time picked up the brush.
    It was with mixed feelings i lay there my bottom on fire and about to get more. But my wife was acting as dominant as i have seen her.
    She laid on 24 strokes with the brush each of which caused me to yell and jump about.
    When it was over i was on fire and feeling very very sorry for myself, and amazed at the way she was.
    Since then i have worked away, provided every service she wants and been thrashed twice a week by her. i am a willing worker for her and have only once received the slipper since.
    This is a very true story from the most fortunate man alive

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    Am very pleased that you have both found your special place together, naughty Glasgow. keep up the good work!
    thank you for sharing your story.


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    Thumbs up Performance Related Punishment

    What an excellent story and if it is true, I am sure many will be able to relate to how exciting such a relationship would be.

    Is your punishment dependant on performance or it happens irrespective.I feel the former would be better making it so much more real between the two of you.Perhaps the reward for good performance is the acceptance of more crossdressing which is something you obviously enjoy.

    Good stuff,keep us posted.
    Takesix (or more if you want)

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    Many thanks for the interest shown in this.
    firstly it is all true but you have to take that on face value.
    the arrangement we have is just that an arrangement.
    if i were to stop doing the chores then she would stop giving me the thrashings i want, and some might say need.
    I love my wife all the more for her indulgence and enthusiasm at times with the situation she has found and i feel that for as long as i continue to do as she wishes then she will continue to do as i wish.
    Yhe thrashings as such are by mutually agreed timings, which may upset some of the more discerning dommes out there, but we have to acknowledge that.
    For these she will tell me to be home from work at a set time because she wants to thrash me. She will normally tell me she thinks i need or deserve a thrashing.
    On occassional instances she will subject me to instant discipline because i annoy her and it is these that i find so exciteing and frightening.
    Wednesday evening i had received a thrashing in the afternoon but upset her later on that evening.
    She sent me upstairs to await her then told me to strip when she came up.I had to stan in front of her legs apart and my inner thighs and balls were subjected to slaps from the hairbrush.
    She was annoyed and as i nervously giggled she asked me what was so funny and landed a couple of swift slaps with the brush to each thigh and while i was still smarting from that hit my balls twice which was very painful.
    I was then lectured on how she expected to be treated and made to apologise to her for how i had behaved.
    A wonderful humiliating experience and well worth the aching balls. I have worked well since and have been used to provide her with sexual services twice since but am still not allowed to cum myself.
    Now while this is not everyones idea of "Fun", it certainly is for me and i love the situation.
    i hope this answers some questions and perhaps allows a further insight into where we are. I am happy tp converse with any of you regarding a situation i am proud to be in
    Cheers all

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