To avoid any confusion, let me start by saying that I'm a professional spanking model and charge for any appointments.

As somebody who truly enjoys being spanked and spanking naughty boys and girls, I have offered private sessions for two years now, in addition to doing spanking shoots with various companies. You may also know me from my former website, which sadly is no longer active!

I mainly work in the Liverpool area; the studio that I tend to use for private sessions is just 20 minutes out of the city centre and very easy to reach, both by car and by public transport. My main interest is spanking although I may engage in other forms of subtle cruelty as and when requested. I am pretty open minded so donít be scared to tell me exactly what you would like!

If you would like to inquire about any appointments, you can contact me through this site or through my email address (irelynnlogeen @ After the initial contact I can provide a phone number for us to discuss things directly if required.

Thanks for reading,