A little more as I was cut off.
To further develop the fantasy the woman
in question would be normally somewhat aloof
and tantalisingly unapproachable-"nose in
the air is an apt description".
A great moment of thrill would be in the denouemount
stage where in the over the horse or lap
position tight skirts were yanked up,
petticoats raised,not without squeals and struggles,
(think McClintock)and finally that broad tightsly pantygirdled
oh so repectable untouchable madams pantygirdled
seat was exposed for the unthinkable.
The embarrassment is further compounded by the tugging down of the said garment inside out with accompanying snapping
sounds unleashing springy chubby flesh still bearing the imprints
of the elastic of the girdle legs and new to the air,now becoming
sligtly goosepimpled.
The girdle and oter undergarments are lowered to knee
level and spanking begun.
plump calves cloaked in nylon struggle and kick,
to no avail.
How embarrassing!
Soon a French Historical caning is applied.
(mature women used to be caned naked
in Paris as a judiciary Punishment)
The unbelievable sting of the cane is felt,
Only previously contact with this was when the
madam worked as a scecretary in the outer office
of a leading public shool where she was receptionist
for boyz sent to her Headmaster for caning in his study.
She overheard the screams and swish but never dreamed
that one day er bottom would grace the cane.
She was used to the sight of young impudent boyz
scurrying out of the Heads study in front of her
delicate legs and bottom as she sat typing reports.
She even made a joke about it askingh if the boy could sit
down and that shed overheard many a good well deserved
"swishing"After all it was only public school harmless
tradition wasnt it?Even some of theparents she conversed with
all heartily approved of this time honoured method
of dealing with their misbeaving offspring.
Once seh had been asked to assist in a slippering
where unfortunately a master went over the top
and gave it on a bare bottom she had felt queasyily uncomfortable about
that but also a kind of strange pleasure at the sight
of the wriggling helpess victims buttocks!She felt very powerful and grown up.
Since then it ad become a secret part of her fancy life
to imagine and take a prurient but remote interest in
matters corporal.
More and nmore she though why not whats wrong
its the way to punish.
A strange glint could be observed in her eye around punishment