I am a male submissive , 38 years old and living in Reading although I'm not originally from the south. I'm quite tall . Green eyes . Med build . Not too bad looking. I am single and work full time. I work as a HGV driver and travel all over the UK but mostly around the south East of England. I am also ex Military.

I am interested in travel , animals and I have various music projects I am currently involved with. I'm quite a private person so don't like to put too much personal information on the internet, but always happy to chat or answer any questions.

I'm not new to spanking. I've done it on and off for many years .I've taken most things before but not really done too much recently. About 7 years ago I became interested in the BDSM side of things and I attended many events and clubs in the west midlands , London . Essex and Kent.

I still go to some events and munches today as often as I can, although it can be difficult with my job as I start very early in the morning. There is a FemDomme event held in London once every two months and I regularly attend. I am one of the club house slaves .

I would like to find somebody who might be looking for a relationship. Either a D/s relationship , or a vanilla relationship with spanking involved but ideally both ( with the same person of course ). A relationship with a Mistress/Domme would be great.

I would like to find a partner into this lifestyle , maybe chat for a while, meet for drinks /dinner . Just ordinary dating. Do people still do that?

I'm very friendly but quite shy until I get to know the other person well. If there are any genuine females that might be interested please message me.

Thank you for reading.